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Transforming health and care on the Island

On the Island, we have much to celebrate about our way of life and the opportunities we have to live our lives to the full.

However, we also have a growing problem we cannot ignore. As a community, we are living longer, often with complex, long-term health and care needs that are placing unsustainable demands on the services that support us. We need to do things differently and change the way we use health and care services and how they are delivered in the future, to ensure we stay healthy and enjoy all that the Island has to offer.

The Local Care System on the Island; the Isle of Wight Council, Isle of Wight NHS Trust and Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group, have been working together to try and develop a new way of working that means our services are better coordinated, they are delivered closer to people’s homes and can help support people to take control of their own health and care better. 

You can read more about our work on this website and the progress being made to transform health and care on the Island so you can start well, live well and age well on the Isle of Wight.

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You said, we did

We have had lots of useful conversations with people about the sorts of things we need to do to improve health and care services on the Island. Lots of ideas have been put forward and you can read more here about the sort of things we have been able to put in place as a result of your feedback.

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News and Updates

2nd July 2018

NHS70 Celebrations on the Isle of Wight

The NHS is turning 70 on 5 July 2018. The following activities and events are taking place on the Island to celebrate this important milestone:

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