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Future healthcare on the Isle of Wight (redesigning services)

On the Island a programme of work has been put in place to look at how we can transform our health and care system on the Island to meet the challenges that we face as a community both now and in the future.

The work has been taking place in phases:

  • Phase 1: Work to develop a new care model (a new way of working) for the Island and a partnership agreement across organisations to work in an integrated way across our healthcare system
  • Phase 2: Work to look at a whole integrated system redesign, examining areas of priority and getting public feedback on changes people would like to see being made and exploring with local and national experts how this might work
  • Phase 3: Work to look more closely at our acute (hospital based) services and how they might need to work in the future
  • Phase 4: Work to look more closely at our community services and how they might need to be redesigned as part of the implementation of our care model.

Phases 3 and 4 are running concurrently as developments in either area will affect each other.  This work is ongoing during 2018-19.


News and Updates

2nd July 2018

NHS70 Celebrations on the Isle of Wight

The NHS is turning 70 on 5 July 2018. The following activities and events are taking place on the Island to celebrate this important milestone:

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