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What's happening now?

 Whilst the recommendations made represent an important milestone in this process, there is still much more work to be done and many more opportunities for people to have a say in refining these proposals.

We are now focusing on working with mainland partners at Southampton and Portsmouth hospital trusts, together with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, to look in more detail at the individual acute services to identify:

- what procedures would need to be transferred to the mainland (within the 11% of more complex, high risk urgent care); to provide the best care for patients.

- the way in which services, which can only be maintained with additional support from mainland hospitals, will be delivered to ensure procedures can be carried out on the Island with improved results for patients;

- the way in which services may need some other form of redesign to enable them to be carried out on the Island more effectively and efficiently into the future e.g. using technology, integrated workforce solutions;

- what procedures or elements of a patient’s care can be brought back to the Island e.g. pre-operative checks and post-operative follow-up appointments thereby reducing need for travel;

- in what order and over what timescale the changes should be phased over the next few years.

There is also a separate specific piece of work, during this stage, looking at a robust and seamless process for urgent and emergency transfers of patients

Work is also currently underway to look in more detail at the workforce and financial implications and any capital investment requirements, plus further work to refine the transport impact analysis.  Whilst it is envisaged most acute patients transferred off Island under this model, would be urgent and emergency cases funded by the NHS, it is still recognised that travel back to the Island post-treatment (unless still part of urgent care), as well as family and carer journeys to visit and support the patient needs to be acknowledged in any overall transport impact assessment.

As part of this process, a patient transport improvement group has been established by the council to facilitate direct discussions between patients and cross-Solent transport operators and health commissioners.

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2nd July 2018

NHS70 Celebrations on the Isle of Wight

The NHS is turning 70 on 5 July 2018. The following activities and events are taking place on the Island to celebrate this important milestone:

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