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What’s happened so far?

Phase 1:

We have worked with the local community and with health and care professionals to define a new way of working together that will enable us to meet those challenges.  Our new care model, My Life a Full Life as it is called, places more emphasis on supporting people to look after themselves better; on providing a wider range of options for care and support locally, in or within easy reach of people’s homes and making sure that local services work in a more coordinated way to support people. It will mean that people have a greater control over their own health and the care they receive so they can live their lives to the full.

Phase 2:

We began some more work to look at how we need to redesign our services to make this model work.  You may remember that in 2016 we sent every household on the Island a brochure called ‘Time to Act’ – which talked about why we need to change our healthcare system on the Island.  It also asked for your views about existing services and how you’d like to see them change in the future.  We also ran lots of events and had extensive conversations with different community groups and with staff working in health and care organisations.  We used lots of the ideas and suggestions we received to help us look at the changes we needed to make to current services, as well as new services that we might need to introduce.

As a result of your feedback, we’ve already made some positive changes to our health care services. You can read more about those here.

Phase 3:

At the beginning of 2017, we began another piece of work to look more closely at hospital based services. You can read more about that here.

Phase 4:

At the same time, we are continuing our work to look at how community services need to be redesigned.  


News and Updates

2nd July 2018

NHS70 Celebrations on the Isle of Wight

The NHS is turning 70 on 5 July 2018. The following activities and events are taking place on the Island to celebrate this important milestone:

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